Corelab Seminar

Aris Anagnostopoulos (Marie Curie Fellow, Sapienza University of Rome )
Algorithms on Dynamic Data

I will present a new computational model for dynamic data. In this model, the input data change gradually (deterministically or stochastically) and the goal of an algorithm is to maintain the solution to some problem at each time step, under the constraint that it only has a limited access to the data each time. As the data is constantly changing and the algorithm might be unaware of these changes, it cannot be expected to always output the exact right solution; we are interested in algorithms that guarantee to output an approximate solution.

After presenting the model, I will focus on the problems of sorting and of selecting an element of a given rank when the true ordering of the elements changes slowly and randomly. I will give lower bounds and algorithms achieving near-optimal performance in expectation and with high probability. Depending on the time, I will finish with the application of the model on some graph-related problems.