Corelab Seminar

Orestis Litos
Trust related work

In this one-hour-long presentation, Orfeas Stefanos Thyfronitis Litos will talk about the previous work related to trust and reputation, especially in the decentralized setting. He will present an overview of all the bibliography in the field and review their core ideas. He will then focus on certain specific works that we deem are worthy exploring further and discuss their merits. He will spend some time discussing the "Money as IOUs" work of [Fugger], upon which Ripple and Stellar rely; the "Bazaar" work of [Post et al.]; the "TrustDavis" work of [DeFigueiredo et al.]; the "Beaver" work of [Soska et al.]. Finally, a quick overview of the sociological "Trust and social collateral" of [Karlan et al.] and the business-oriented work of [Das et al.] "The risk-based view of trust" will be done. The slides will be shared under a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license.