Corelab Seminar



The Corelab Seminar is an informal seminar organized by the Computation and Reasoning Laboratory. Its scope encompasses all areas of Theoretical Computer Science, and it is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members alike. Distinguished speakers are often invited to give lectures based on their recent work.

  • When: On Mondays, at 18:00 (but check also the talk schedule below).
  • Where: Room 1.1.29, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.

If you wish to give a talk or be notified of upcoming talks, please send an e-mail either to , or to whoever is currently serving as Seminar manager (see sidebar).


  • [January 6th, 2011] Room changes. First talk of the new year will be given by Constantinos Daskalakis (MIT). The talk will be given at the Multimedia Theatre of the NTUA's Library.
  • [September 10th, 2010] The Seminar begins! The first talk is on the 13th of september 2010. For details look at the talk schedule below


Date* Speaker/Title
Jul 18th Piotr Krysta (University of Liverpool)
Utilitarian Mechanism Design for Multi-objective Optimization (abstract).
Jul 11th Themis Gouleakis (NTUA)
A constructive proof of the general Lovasz Local Lemma (abstract).
Jun 27th Paris Koutris (University of Washington, NTUA)
Parallel Evaluation of Conjunctive Queries (abstract).
Jun 20th Christos Tzamos (MIT, NTUA)
Mechanism design without money (abstract).
Jun 6th Antonis Antonopoulos (NTUA)
Derandomization: Simulation of BPP under Uniform Assumptions (abstract).
May 23rd Paris Siminelakis (NTUA)
Pricing Strategies for Social Networks under Linear Influence Model (abstract).
May 18th (14:00) Nick Spanoudakis (Technical University of Crete)
A model-driven agent-based systems engineering methodology (information).
Mar 21st Antonis Antonopoulos (NTUA)
Derandomization: A Basic Introduction (abstract).
Mar 14th Haris Angelidakis (NTUA)
Approximation algorithms for Stochastic Combinatorial Optimization Problems (abstract).
Feb 21st Themis Gouleakis (NTUA)
Compressive sensing (and applications) (abstract, slides).
Feb 14th Panagiotis Cheilaris (Ben Gurion University)
The potential to improve the choice (abstract).
Feb 7th Paris Siminelakis(NTUA)
Networks and Random Grpahs (abstract, slides).
Jan 31st Evangelos Bampas (INRIA, NTUA)
Almost optimal asynchronous rendezvous in infinite multidimensional grids (abstract).
Jan 10th Constantinos Daskalakis (MIT)
Fixed-Point Theorems, Nash Equilibria, and Harnessing Uncertainty (abstract).
Dec 20th Haris Angelidakis (NTUA)
Approximation algorithms for 2-Stage Stochastic Optimization Problems (abstract).
Nov 29th Aris Anagnostopoulos (Marie Curie Fellow, Sapienza University of Rome)
Algorithms on Dynamic Data (abstract).
Nov 22nd Antonis Antonopoulos (NTUA)
Equilibria, Fixed Points and Complexity Classes (Survey Paper by M.Yannakakis) (abstract,slides).
Nov 15th Christos Tzamos (NTUA)
Winner-Imposing Strategyproof Mechanisms for Multiple Facility Location Games (abstract,slides).
Nov 8th Charis Angelidakis (NTUA)
Approximation algorithms for 2-Stage Stochastic Optimization Problems(abstract).
Oct 25th John Panageas (NTUA)
Differential Privacy (abstract).
Sep 13th Spyridon Antonakopoulos (Bell Labs)
Approximating Directed Buy-at-bulk Network Design (abstract).

*Unless otherwise noted, the talks take place at the time and place specified under section "Information". For more information, please contact the Seminar manager.